A man who hid his cousin’s British visa days before he was to travel out of Nigeria to study is, said to have confessed 20 years after the incident had happened.


Twitter user @Lady_itohan took to the microblogging platform to share this story in response to recent conversations about people being extra careful after getting overseas travel visas.

Some admitted that they avoided going outside and curtailed their activity out of dread ofdying in an accident. Others described how they kept their travel documents safe and wouldn’t reveal they kept it. 

In response, Lady Itohan said their paranoia was justified as not everyone would be happy to leave the country in search of greener pastures.

She futher revealed that her uncle’s visa disappeared few days before his trip and the perpetrator who happened to be his cousin, confessed to stealing it 20 years later after battling a strange illness.

She claims that her uncle is around 80 years old  now but the incident crushed his dreams.

She wrote on Twitter

His fear might be so, funny but my uncle’s visa disappeared few days before his trip to UK for study and that was the end of his dream! The thief, who happened to be his envious cousin confessed 20 years later!!!

Happened when my uncle was 26, he will soon turn 80. His cousin confessed when he was about to die as a result of a mysterious ailment.