A medical doctor named Walter Igbokwe has been accused for taking a woman named Chukwuka to the Omaliko Idemili deity over an unpaid N600,000 hospital bill in Anambra state.

The woman’s late mother, who passed away after being released from Dr. Igbokwe’s hospital, was the recipient of the hospital bill, according to Tribune on Wednesday.

The woman, who is a teacher, said that the doctor forced her into signing an agreement so that she could transport her mother to another hospital for further treatment.

The woman said:

“Since then he has been WhatsApping me, threatening my life that I will die if I eat his money and that is why I draw your attention to inhuman, unbearable and despicable treatment being meted out to me by somebody who calls himself a medical doctor.

“He is merely interested in making money, not saving lives in tandem with physicians’ oath.

“Worst still he submitted my name to many deities and shrines including idemili shrine, which some have invited me to come, but I refused to honour because it is against my faith as a Christian.”

According to Tribune, the doctor denied the allegations, claiming that he never dragged her to any deity, but he did admit that anyone could use any means to recover his money.

The doctor allegedly denied the allegations, saying that he never took her to a deity, although he did admit that anyone could employ any strategy to get his money back.