Lanre Gentry called his ex-wife Mercy Aigbe “a whore and a dog”.

The businessman, who was already married to another woman after marrying Mercy, called out her ex via Instagram.

He responded to a post from Adeoti, Funsho Aswaju, the first wife of Mercy’s new husband, Kazim Adeoti.

Funsho claimed that actress Mercy Aigbe was her friend and she made her a family friend, but Mercy rewarded her by sleeping with her husband and becoming his wife.

Funcho also claims that Mercy started sleeping with her husband Kazim when Mercy’s son, now almost 12, was five months old.

Followers went to Lanre Gentry’s Instagram account and ask if he has seen the allegations against his ex-wife.

He was advised to carry out a DNA test on his son with Mercy to confirm paternity.

But Lanre says there are no bastards in the Nigerian constitution.

“How many DNA can you do on dog?” Lanry said when told DNA tests on the son he had with Mercy is needed to establish paternity.