Angry mobs have burned a notorious thief for allegedly stealing plantains in Akwa Ibom State.

The incident occurred on Friday morning, March 4, on along Umuahia road in Ikot Ekpeme Local Government Area.

According to community sources, the suspect, identified as Mendie, is said to be known for stealing phones and other criminal activities in the area.

A resident who witnessed the mass action said Mendie was released from prison last year after serving a three-year sentence.

“I spoke to him, pleaded with him, asked him to learn a trade that I will sponsor him. That same night he stole a phone and fled. On the way back I asked him to stop this act, but he refused. “Not long after the police arrested him and he was sentenced to three years in prison. When he was released, he became the worst. He is a horror in the neighborhood. We all tried today to change this narrative, but in vain.”

Another source said: “I asked of this guy when I came to IK, they told me he was in jail. I remember making the statement a few days ago. I told my older brother Mendie was going to come out and become worst. We all know that our prisons are not penitentiaries, they are just places where people are locked up, abused and released at the end of their sentences.

“They become more angry and aggressive… Stealing is as addictive as any drug. What Mendie needs is rehabilitation, not prison. His burning will not prevent his likes from appearing in our society. He’s such a talented guy, it’s a shame he ended up like this,” the source added.