Faroq Yahaha Buhari, a Nigeria soldier, raised dissatisfaction over the delay in the payment of army personnel’s July salaries.

In an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, the soldier accused his finance department coworkers of extortion and corruption.

The Vice President of Nigeria, the Senate President, the National Security Advisor, the Chief of Defence Staff, and the Chief of Army Staff are all acknowledged in the letter.

He claimed that the army soldiers are unhappy because the Nigerian government has declined to pay them their salary for July 2022.

“Our family are hungry while (we) are in the bushes suffering simply to safeguard our country,” the soldier stated.

The soldier continued, “Sir, with due respect and honor, we soldiers we are the pillar and foundation of the armed forces and Nigeria.  We humbly request a complete investigation (sic) against the Nigerian Army Finance Corps (NAFC) Accounts and also their personnel accounts who are responsible for all financial activities in the Nigerian Army.

“Prepayment of all personnel list of salaries and Allowances is done first week of every month against timely payment of this subject matter, but regrettably up till date NAFC has refused to change their ways for intentional late payment of salaries and allowance because they feel no body can check them. Regrettably up till this date, July 2022 salaries and allowances of Nigerian personnel is (sic) yet to be paid.

“We soldiers and families are suffering, all above addressees should hear our cry, we are sadden (sic) and unhappy with this frequent trends, we don’t have any business than this Amy job, because the Army acts prohibits, our families are hungry while are (sic) in the bushes suffering just to protect our country.

“The Nigerian Army should directs (sic) NAMP to investigates (sic) all NAFC personnel thoroughly because so many of them are feeding of (sic) soldiers entitlements and still fails to carry out the sole roles, leaving above the main income just like other suffering soldiers having Fat and big Tommy.

“This is the only Corps in the Nigerian Army that ASA doesn’t charge when in default like other Corps of the Army, so pls COAS should take the appropriate action since NAFC is not above the Army rather the Army is above them by ordering NAMP to properly examines (sic) them. I appreciate your fast directions into this problem and the thought you have put into it. Please accept the assurance of every soldier in the Nigerian Army.

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