A Nigerian Twitter user has come out to share some terrifying story about a mother. According to the Twitter user the mother discovered years later that her husband is a spirit.

She claimed that the man died two years later before their wedding. And that she had no idea, and that they had three kids together.

The twitter user, identified as Peace Igho, claimed that the woman became pregnant for him while they were still courting.

He bought land in a new neighbourhood and also built a house for himself and his wife. However, neigbours say he only speaks to his family.

The mother of three eventually grew tired of wondering who his family members were and began demanding answers.

He then promised to take her to his village, only for him to disappear when they went to the market to get stuffs.

She got home to find a note from him apologizing for his absence and he wrote down his hometown address.

On reaching his village, she met the husbands people, they said it was impossible that she married their son because he is dead.

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