The first Black African city councilor in Parma, Italy, is Victoria Oluboyo, an Afro-Italian of Nigerian origin.

Olufemi Iyanda, a Nigerian living abroad, announced this in a Facebook post. He noted that, in the past, when Nigerian names were mentioned, particularly in the city of Parma, they were typically associated with prostitution and drug dealing.

He said:

“Some years ago, particularly in Parma City, when Nigerian names were mentioned, they were typically associated with prostitutes and drug dealing. The Nigerian community, of which Victoria is a member, made serious and coordinated attempts to change the narrative, nevertheless. First, through their nonprofit organization, Festival of Praise and Care, in partnership with the Parma municipality, Nigerian missionaries led by Apostle and Bishop (Mrs.) Adenitire are the first to get involved in the rehabilitation and resettlement of victims of prostitution and human trafficking.

In addition, “we increased awareness and supported Nigerians in voluntary organization and community development projects that have today given Nigerians outstanding positions, not only in Parma but throughout the region. We are happy that Victoria made us proud via her tenacity and dedication to political action, female rights, and liberation problems, which led to her success story today. She attempted five years ago but was unsuccessful, but today God has rewarded her efforts with success.
While wishing her success, we urge Nigerians living in Italy to get more active in volunteer work and community development initiatives since “a brighter tomorrow and a promising future await our children born in the land,”