Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari has been hospitalized in Abuja hospital after suffering a leg fracture during the weekend.

Aisha Buhari  “fell down and sustained a leg fracture,” according to reports, but the circumstances surrounding the incident were unclear at the time the report was filed. It was also kept a secret what hospital she was transferred to.

The first lady was reportedly planning to host a wedding celebration at the presidential villa on Sunday night for Bilkisu Rimi, the daughter of Nigeria’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mohammed Rimi.

However, Aisha carefully avoided acknowledging that her husband’s leadership had been unproductive.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin, Aisha voiced her apologies to Nigerians, stating that she believed Buhari’s administration might not have lived up to their hopes and expectations.

She said:

“The expectation on us was too high. People were expecting so much from us, and maybe after seven years, we haven’t done to their expectations. Only God knows what is in somebody’s mind or as a human being, you cannot say that you are right or we have done what we should do.

“The government has really tried. The administration has done its best but maybe it is still not the best for others. To them, they have done their best, only God knows, so we must apologise to them, to Nigerians; whether we have made up their expectations or not.”