Ice cream seller’s life is changed by a Nigerian woman who gives him N200k cash in a touching video. A Nigerian man who was observed selling ice cream in public was awarded N200k.

In a touching Instagram video, the man is seen accepting a gift from kindness activist Joy Ondeku, who initially brought him to public attention.

Kind Nigerians contributed the N200k Joy gave to the man as a present to show their appreciation for the man’s labor of love.

Although we were unable to immediately establish the location where the man sells ice cream, certain comments on the video seem to indicate that he operates in UNILAG.

One witness claimed to have known the man in high school, which is similar with other comments indicating the individual has been in the business for at least 20 years.

The grateful man in the video broke out into wild jubilation as soon as the money touched his hands. The observers at the sporting event joined him in his celebration.

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