Police in Anambra State have detained alleged members of a cult who killed a member of a rival gang and used his head as a football.

The event occurred in Igbariam, September 2021, on property that was allegedly the abode of some Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University students.

A young man with dreadlocks was dragged out of his car and shot at close range in the viral social media video.

Later, the attackers took his head to a square where they played football with it.

Two accused juvenile cult members who were recently detained, Chisom Okafor and Ikechukwu Chinweze, confess to being members of the Ayes cult and taking part in killings in another viral video.

The video shows Okafor, who is 23 years old, confessing, “I also go by the name Stamina. My mother is from Awka, but I’m from Igboukwu. I’m a 23-year-old man. I’m a member of the Ayes cult and have only killed three people so far.

He named Edu Obara and Savage as two of the three victims he claimed to have slain. Both were allegedly members of cults and were beheaded in a similar fashion before being killed in 2021. While Savage was killed and beheaded in Oko, in the Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Edu Obara was killed in Igbariam, and his trunk was transported to Awka.

“I was one of the cult members who went to Obj’s house and killed some security guards. There were seven of us that participated in the operation. Despite having dropped out of school, I am a very skilled tiler.

Ikechukwu Chinweze, a second cult member who was interviewed for the film who is 19 years old and from Umuzocha in Awka, introduced himself as such. I’m an ex-student. Prior to meeting Chisom here in Ifite, I was learning phone repair.

While everything was going on, some Anambra State people said that the Savage guy who was killed the previous year was the same person whose head was used to play soccer, implying that the now-arrested cultists were responsible for the crime.