A Nigerian military officer, Corporal Obisesan Adebayo, have left his neighbor Afam Jude, severely injured after a midnight attack on Afam Jude.

Jude said Adebayo knocked on his door at midnight on Sunday, pretending to charge his phone, before launching an attack on him.

Adebayo, who is said to be suspended by force authorities, attacked the victim with a kitchen knife and a hammer from Jude’s Kitchen, with the intention of taking his life.

Talking about his ordeal, Jude said that Adebayo, who is a friend of his and has asked for his help at various times, was brought to the compound by one of his neighbours.

“He knocked at my door around after 11 to 12. I never wanted to open the door cos it was already late and I was sleepy, but when the knock continued, I stood up and went to check his reason for knocking at my door that very hour.

“He said he wants to boost his phone that his battery was down. I allowed him in as usual because he always comes to charge, but has never knocked at that time before.

Narrating how the incident happened,  Jude said:

“At a time he said he wants to ease himself. I directed him to my bathroom he went in and wasted some time, then I became suspicious. I looked and then saw him coming out.

“He sad down and started pressing his phone, few minutes later again he said he wants to ease himself again, at this time I was already sleepy holding my phone in my hand, while waiting for him to leave so I can lock my door then go to bed.

“Then all of a sudden, he took his phone, stood up as if he was leaving, he opened the door then came back in but this time, he locked the door with the iron bolt, which I left open and protector outside when he came in.

“I left them open so that it can be easy for him to leave then I will just lock my door then go to bed.

He came back inside and said no that the phones not full yet, and then plugged it again but this time he has already bolted the door which I left open when I let him in.

“While seating on the chair pressing my phone and waiting for him to leave ,I fell asleep while holding my phone then it fell down. Immediately the phone fell, I regained my self then bent down to pick it.

“That was when I saw him coming out from my kitchen with my kitchen knife and a hammer, (the hammer a carpenter told me to buy which was used to hang my wine bar fix my wardrobe and other things).