Dr. Peter Mbah, the governor of Enugu State, will present a pipeline of 30 projects totaling more than 1.6 trillion ($2.1 billion).

Peter Mbah Presents A $2.1 Billion Project Pipeline At The First Investment Roundtable In Enugu

This was done at the first State Investment and Economic Growth Stakeholder Roundtable on Friday.

The Enugu State Integrated Sector-Based Productivity Growth Strategy will also be unveiled by the governor. 

This information was provided in a statement issued by Prof. Chidiebere Onyia, Secretary of the State Government (SSG).

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According to him, the Investment and Economic Growth Roundtable, a forerunner to the first multi-stakeholder and fully transactional Diaspora and Investment Forum scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, will take place in Enugu and attract investors from a variety of local and international industries.

“The over ₦1.6 trillion ($2.1 billion) project pipeline spans several sectors, including transport, energy, information and communications technology, water and sanitation, Agriculture and Agro industrialization, industries, healthcare, and financial services.”

Senior executives from the World Bank Group, African Development Bank Group, International Finance Corporation, African Export-Import Bank, UK Department for Trade and Business, Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund, commercial banks, corporate pension funds, private equity funds, infrastructure funds, and other domestic financial institutions will meet in Enugu to discuss investment opportunities.

Peter Mbah said, “The Roundtable discussion aims to uncover obstacles to investment and economic growth in the state; enhance investor confidence and the state’s comprehension of investors’ risks and return preferences; and identify partnership opportunities for project preparation and co-investments of important infrastructure investment projects in the State.”

“Prof. Onyia claims that this is consistent with Governor Mbah’s intention to expand the Enugu State economy from its current $4.4 billion level to $30 billion.