A yet-to-be-identified policewoman in the Sabo Yaba area of Lagos has received praise for adjusting the outfits of children who pass by her.

The pictures were posted on Friday by Oyedeji Justin Oso on LinkedIn, but they went viral on Twitter on Sunday.

Oyedeji captioned the photos:

“Everytime I pass by Sabo, Yaba, I can’t help but notice this Policewoman who would always make corrections on students who aren’t neatly and properly dressed. Many times she goes as far as dressing them up as seen in these pictures.”

The viral photos have gotten a lot of attention on social media.

Hailing her, Olusegun Abisoye said: “A firm mother in uniform! She treats those kids like her own. That’s how we were raised. The entire community pitched in to raise each child. You know that the ‘all-seeing eye of the community’ sees you and the cane can come out even in your parents’ absence. Appreciation to her!”

Michael Aduba said, “There are still a few good ones out there.”

Khosi confirmed observing the policewoman tending on the students. She said, “Seen her so many times. They can’t cross without socks.”