The Nigeria Police Force has started a  serious search for the lady involved with having sexual intercourse with a dog.


The video, which has gone viral on TikTok, shows a young light-skinned woman having coitus with a German Shepherd dog

Armed force spokesman Muyiwa Adeobi, who issued a statement to reporters on Sunday announcing the search, said the woman would be arrested.

Muiywa also cautioned that police would no longer tolerate the spread of malicious videos online.

Promising to arrest the woman who defended her actions in a video online on Saturday, according to FPRO.

I really want us to take crucial action on these ladies that are involved in unnatural crimes (including bestiality) and published it on the internet. We want to urge you to give us any useful information on how to apprehend these ladies. We really need to fish them out please. Thanks.”

Quizzed on the movement and process on how to get her, a lady identified as @Veegodess, Adejobi said, “We will get her.”