There was tragedy on Wednesday when policemen allegedly shot and killed a prince, Lukman Olatunji. This was as a result of a scuffle at the entrance to the Akinrun of Ikirun palace, in the Ikirun area of Osun State.

We gathered that the palace has been locked since the new Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba Olalekan became the monarch of the town.

In other to get the new monarch into the palace, the armed policemen stormed the premises to open the locked palace.

The incident created unrest. This led to the policemen opening fire to scare the protesting hoodlum against their action. In the process, Olatunji was shot dead.

About four persons reportedly sustained bullet wounds when they police invaded the premises of the palace.

Youth of the community got angry by the turn of events, so they proceeded in setting a building in the palace on fire. As a result of this, resident of the community had to scamper to safety.

Talking about the Policemen incident!

A resident in the community, Gboyega Adebayo said the following.

He said, “I was on my way to the Oja-Oba area to buy an herbal product. I saw four policemen walking towards the palace. Few minutes later, two vehicles carrying more policemen arrived at the scene.

“They started firing teargas and gunshots into the air around the palace gate. Everyone near the premises ran in different directions to avoid being shot. It was a bullet from their gun that hit a man’s (Olatunji) head. He died on the spot.

“The policemen then brought a welder to help them open the locked gate of the palace. They (police) were shooting to scare people away. Bullets also hit about four other people. Those ones are not dead yet

He said, “A person trying to enter the palace came to the area with a lot of policemen and soldiers. One of the security men must have fired the shot that hit him.”

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Yemisi Opalola denied killing the deceased. He added that the policemen only visited the palace to help protect those renovating the building.

“The Commissioner of Police wishes to debunk the news making the rounds that policemen shot at people in Ikirun.

“The true picture of the event is that, while some policemen were at Akinrun palace to protect those renovating it. Some armed hoodlums shot at the policemen mobilised to the palace, injuring one Inspector, Obajobi Adedokun and Inspector Raji Abiodun.

“They were rushed to hospital for treatment. They (hoodlums) set the palace ablaze and also attacked the fire brigade personnel. And they injured one Orunwumi Roseline and Abel Olayinka and attacked their truck while on their way to the palace to put out the fire.