Tragedy hit Iyano Ilogbo area of Ogun State as singer Portable crushes a bikeman to death with a Range Rover, belonging to the singer.

The car driver who was one of Portable’s associates was running an errand when the ugly incident happened.

The Portable manager, who confirmed the incident via telephone chat, noted that the victim died after being taken to the hospital.

According to his manager:

I’ll be very fast with you because I’m very busy. I was the one that sent one of his boys to go and buy something for me.

“On their way going, maybe the bike man thought that Portable was the one driving or they wanted to collect money or whatever, but the man drove to the vehicle. That was how they hit the man.

“They called me. I left w. I was with Portable. We went t.. The guy that drove the car rushed the man to the hospital. I got to the hospital and transferred N25,000 to them.

“They said N20,000 was for treatment while N5,000 was for X-ray.”

She noted that the motorcyclist complained of back pain when he arrived at the hospital and noted that two of his passengers were not injured.

The manager continued;

When I left the hospital, I gave them another N8,000 to take a cab to where they were going to conduct the X-ray. Immediately I left there, I reported to the Divisional Police Officer and the Commissioner of Police.

“When I got the call, I had to call the boy that was in the scenario to go to the station to report himself. He is at the station as I’m talking to you like this.”