American rapper and songwriter Lil Wayne has been dragged to court by his personal chef. This is after he terminated her employment for ditching him in Vegas to deal with a family emergency.

On the lawsuit filed by the chef, she claimed that she termination was wrong, and was a retaliation. Despite many unlawful practices she was subjected to while she was working for him.

The chef also revealed that she travelled to Vegas with the rapper for the Memorial Day weekend, but had to leave to nurse her injured son. She disclosed that she been cooking for Lil wayne for two years. She stated in the lawsuit that she was notified of a head injury her 10-year-old son that left him hospitalized.

According to her, she wanted to get back to Los Angeles immediately, Lil Wayne and his crew were screwing up the flight back.

She stated that her termination violates California’s law which prohibits the sacking of someone because they missed work to nurse their sick or injured child.

The chefs now want at least $500k from Lil Wayne for the injustice.