A video of a pastor berating members of his church for contributing N100 as an offering is going viral online.

In the video, a furious cleric claimed that one of the reasons his followers have remained impoverished is because they contributed such a pitiful amount as an offering.

He claimed that his followers would remain poor if they continued to provide small offerings, even when guests would come and offer abundant offerings to God and receive large blessings.

Speaking in Igbo, the enraged clergyman said,

“Shame to you that came to give God N100. That is why others who come here that give big money receive blessings while you as a member will remain poor because you give small money. You stand up majestically to come and give God N100 and those  of you who gives N20.

Watch Video below:

Social media users who maintain the belief that the heart, not the amount of money offered as an offering, is what matters were outraged by the video.

@cheederahj, “This is wrong. It could be the that the person gave their all. What matters is the heart. Being alive alone is a blessing that God gives to the living, it’s disturbing hearing him say they’ll always go home poor and without blessing because they gave what they have. Such bitterness from a man of God. Many are called but few are really chosen”.

@blissbenny5 wrote, “Na Mumu Dey go church, 99% of churches are just pure business centers.”