Bernard Musioki, a 35-year-old Kenyan, praised his 70-year-old American wife’s sexual prowess.


Musioki, who wed Deborah Ian Spicer in February 2020 after they met on Facebook, claimed in an interview with Newsmen that his wife is a lot of fun and passionate in bed.

He said:

“People have been enquiring to know if I and my wife enjoy an intimate relationship… Yes, we do a lot. Actually she is always ready. My wife is very sweet and romantic. She doesn’t act 70.”

The Kenyan man stated that he had three failed relationships before meeting Deborah.

He further said:

“I met my first girlfriend in 2016. We lived together for approximately 2years but she was very demanding.

“The second one took place in Mombasa with a Luo woman. We lost touch when she traveled upcountry with a baby boy, who I believe was my son and was only one year old. Over ten years have passed since then. Wherever she is, I believe she is married.

“The third one was 50 years old when we first met on Facebook in 2016. She used to treat me well. Before we parted ways, she gave me a nice motorcycle and a mountain bike.