A 26-year-old Catherine Muthoni has been charged to court for beating up the wife of her supposed sugar daddy.

According to sources, Muthoni was arraigned before Milimani Law Courts on Thursday, April 21, and faced one count of assault and causing bodily harm to Peris Susan Wangui.

A piece of the charge paper reads:

You are charged that on April 13, 2022, at the AMG Centre at R1 Osters in Kasarani sub-county within Nairobi City County, assaulted Peris Susan Wangui, occasioning her actual bodily harm.”

It was gathered that Muthoni bit Wangui’s armpit during a clash after the latter prevented the former from talking to her husband in his office.

At the court, the victim’s husband testified that Muthoni was his ex-girlfriend and how she attacked his wife in his presence at Kasarani estate, Kenya’s Nairobi.

He said:
“I knew Catherine as my former girlfriend. She had come to my business premises and she told her to wait at the reception but she arrogantly refused, began pushing my wife.”

The court affirmed his statement and said:

“The complainant was together with her husband and other employees when the accused person started an altercation with the complainant and assaulted the complainant by biting her armpit.”

However, the suspect pleaded not guilty to the charges proffered against her.

In her statement to the police, she said:

The complainant who is known to me physically since I have met her before at the same office came and told me to leave the office since I wanted to speak to her husband.