Adamawa State Police arrested four suspected drug dealers and recovered 144 cartons of hard drugs.

DSP spokesman Suleiman Nguroje said in a statement on Wednesday that 28 cartons of pentazone injections, 29 cartons of tramadol, 74 cartons of red tramadol capsules, 12 cartons of white tramadol 50mg, Reg. YL 766 XU were recovered from the suspect.

According to the Special Action Plan updated by the National Violent Crimes Eradication Command on March 4, 2022, Police Chief Mohammed Ahmed Barde dispatched a Communist Party watchman and fortunately arrested the truck with the license plate. no. YL 766 XU while transporting hard drugs from Anambra State to its destination in Mubi Adamawa State,” PPRO said in a statement.

The suspects are; Salisu Hassan, 27, a resident of Nasarawo, Yola North, Iliyasu Umar,25, of Song local government, Abdullahi Salisu, 20, of Sangere Numan road, Yola south and Umar Babayo, 20, of Sangere, Numan road,Yola south.

“So far, the investigation has confirmed that the drugs were hidden under a large amount of building material, just to beat security check, ” the report says.

The CP while evaluating critically the pattern and trend of crimes shall make massive and well-planned deployment of both human and other operational assets of the command to reinforce and consolidate on keeping Adamawa state.

The CP were often targeted for night operations aimed at driving bandits out of their current area of ​​operation and preventing them from regrouping elsewhere in the state.