Skit producer and comedian Josh Alfred, known as Josh2funny, recently claimed to have recovered from an illness he had been battling for 11 years. He said that money was not the reason the disease suffered him for so long



For a week, he posted on his Instagram page a video of himself lying in bed in a medical facility. Some of the captions read: “This is my testimony. I have been helpless for 11 years with this pain. In short, I thank God for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.”

“There are diseases that take a long time to heal,” the Sunday Scoop comedian said. “I’ve been treating them for years, and it’s not about money, it’s about time. Time. But I’m happy to get rid of them. Now.”

The comedian declined to name his illness, stating, “I don’t want to reveal the nature of the illness. I want to hide it from myself. I’m just glad I survived.”

Alfred constantly praised his wife, who said that she was very supportive of him. He said, “My wife gave me all the support that a wife could give her husband. He encouraged me and gave me confidence in the process. My wife has never abandoned me. She is always by my side.”