Frank Edwards, a well-known Nigerian gospel singer, has voiced his opinion regarding citizens difference choices in the 2023 election.

Frank claims that the 2023 elections will just be centered on voting anyone who is not a thief, regardless of whether or not he is healthy.

In his words ;

”This election is not about who is healthy and who is not, anyone can get good medical attention, not about tribe, not about who’s turn it is !! WE JUST WANT WHO IS NOT A THIEF !! WE ARE IN A CRITICAL CONDITION.”

The singer also stated that Nigerians will not go to the polls to elect a person who they were influenced to vote for by any influencer.

He wrote ;

”The Good thing is Nigerians eyes are open now… these are not the days when 1 influencer can make people vote for just anyone. People are now influenced by their sufferings”