On Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu responded to the most recent uprising in Gabon, where President Ali Bongo was deposed and put under house arrest.

Tinubu Responds To Gabon's Military Coup By Convening Discussions With AU Leaders

Some military troops based their plan to overthrow Bongo on what they perceived as irregularities in the most recent national election in the nation of central Africa.

The officers had also acknowledged that the general elections on August 26, 2023, had not been organized in a way that would have allowed for the transparent, credible, and inclusive voting that the Gabonese people had hoped for.

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They had also mentioned the unreliable and careless government, which had caused social cohesion to continue to decline and had the potential to plunge the nation into anarchy.

In response, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Ajuri Ngelale said on Wednesday that President Tinubu was deeply concerned about the social and political stability of the nation and the apparent spread of autocratic contention across various parts of our beloved continent.

According to Ngelale, the President, who has made major, individual sacrifices in his own life to advance and preserve democracy, is adamant that the great people of Africa should hold power rather than a loaded rifle.

According to him, the President reaffirmed that the great African continent must never lose its commitment to the rule of law, faithful adherence to constitutional resolutions, and mechanisms for resolving electoral disputes.

“To this end, the President is working very closely and continues to communicate with other Heads of States in the African Union towards a comprehensive consensus on the next steps forwards with respect to how the power in Gabon will play out and how the continent will respond to contagious autocracy we have seen spread across our continent,” the Presidential spokesman stated.