Detty December is a phrase that has come to mean different things to Nigerians. For some it means time to relax, for others it simply a time to trigger holiday feels. December, being a festive time often sees a lot of people travelling to enjoy the season.

In Nigeria, this month is filled with lots of activities for families and friends to attend. And the country is blessed with a wealth of tourist attractions. This includes beautiful natural scenery. This makes it a great place to spend the month.

Here we will be outlining top destinations to visit in Nigeria this December.

Obudu Cattle Ranch

This destination has earned it place as a top spot place for pickers. This tourist destination in Nigeria offers a wide range of activities. This beautiful place is located in Cross River State. Both Nigerians and foreigners usually visit this place during festive times like this.

Warm Spring in Enembia 

Take it from us, a trip to warm spring in Enembia in Nigeria this December will be worth it. You can go with either your family or friends to the spring.

This is a guaranteed location to enjoy swimming in natural water.

La Campagne Tropicana

A trip to the ultra-luxury service at La Campagne Tropicana will have a lover coming back for more. Located in Ijegun, Lagos, this is an amazing place to relax and chill this December.

There services in this place are merged with African hospitalityand grand luxury. A beautiful hideout. The location of this place brings the best view of the setting of the sun upon the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean.

You will be able to engage in outdoor activities like diving into the ocean and other forms of games.

Games Reserve Yankari 

Are you interested in wildlife this December? Yankari game resort is spot that is most times introduce to children in schools. This place is the perfect place to feast your eyes on nature’s creatures, wildlife and varieties of fishes and birds.