Two Nigerian men got arrested by Indian police for reportedly engaging in phishing attacks and breaking into a cooperative bank network in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The suspects, known as Augustine, 40, and Ekene Godwin, 30, are also accused of stealing ten lakh from a Gujarati bank. According to the Times Of India, in Gujarat they used a tool called Sweet-32, while in Tamil Nadu they utilized a cyber tool called Key Logger to break into the cooperative bank network.

Banks typically don’t link their main systems to the internet in order to protect themselves from malware and online threats. In this instance, Augustine targeted the bank employees with phishing messages.

On November 18, as soon as they clicked the link, the embedded applications Key Logger and NG Rok were downloaded and installed without informing the bank staff. The group gained access to three accounts on November 2022, carried out 32 transactions, and stole ₹2.5 crore.