Colorado Governor, Jared Polis on Monday passed a special law guaranteeing women’s right to abortion.

After the longest debate in the history of the Colorado House of Representatives, the governor signed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which codifies the right of women to make reproductive health decisions without government interference.

In Colorado, the major choice of whether to begin or end a pregnancy through medical care is left to the discretion of patients, physicians, and their religious convictions, he said.

“Whatever the Supreme Court does in the future, Colorado residents will be able to choose when and whether to have children,” Polis said at a signing ceremony held at his mansion in downtown Denver.

The Colorado Legislature approved the bill last month, and Republicans opposed it.

The bill spent 24 hours in the House of Representatives, one of the longest debates in the history of the legislature.

With this new breakthrough, all stages of pregnancy are now permissible for abortion in Colorado.

It is one of seven states where there are no restrictions on when you can have an abortion.

A vast majority of women support their own right to an abortion,” Richardson, a policy advisor said.

He added that the voices of today’s religious extremists succeeded in bringing America back to the Stone Age against the will of our Founding Fathers, who wanted to separate church and state.