The military department announced on Wednesday, February 2 that any US military personnel who refused to receive their doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be promptly fired.


The army has stated that it will “immediately begin withdrawing soldiers from service” if they refuse to get their shots or don’t have an authorized or pending exemption request.

“Army readiness rests on soldiers eager to train, deploy, fight, and win our country’s battles,” said Christine Warmouth, secretary of the Army.

“Soldiers who are not immunized endanger the force and jeopardize readiness.

“Soldiers who have been discharged “won’t be eligible for involuntary separation pay.

He continued by saying that any underpaid incentives or benefits could need to be repaid.

As of January 26, 3,350 active duty soldiers had declined to receive the vaccine, leaving 96% of them fully immunized. Almost 5,900 people were given a temporary exemption.

The obligation for immunizations is temporarily waived for those who have requested a medical exemption or a religious accommodation while their requests are being considered.

Six Regular Army officers have been removed from their positions thus far, including two battalion commanders, and 3,073 Soldiers have received written general officer reprimands for defying the vaccine order, the Army reported late last month.