An agreement has been reached between Nigeria and the US government on the return of more than $23 million of Abacha loot.

On Tuesday, August 23, the agreement was signed in the office of Mr. Abubakar Malami, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation.

Both the Nigerian government, represented by Mr. Malami, and the American government, represented by Mary Beth Leonard, the ambassador to Nigeria, both signed the document.

Mr. Malami claims that the money will be put in three Federal Government projects, including the 2nd Niger Bridge and the ongoing Abuja-Kaduna road, when it is returned.

Other portions of the Abacha loot had previously been recovered by Nigeria.

Around $723 million in Abacha loot was sent back to Nigeria from Switzerland in 2006.

Additionally, the US and Jersey agreed to return $308 million in confiscated funds to Nigeria in 2020.