A yet-to-be-identified HIV-positive woman has confessed that she mixes her HIV infected blood in the zobo drinks she produces and sells in order to get others people infected.

The aforementioned woman made this confession in a radio programme held by Wazobia FM, MarketRunz on Wednesday night.

The host of the program had invited listeners to ring in and confess any business secret activities they engaged in the market place and are not proud of.

The zobo vendor stated:

“I visited the hospital six months ago and was informed that I had HIV.

“I use a syringe to extract my blood, which I then mix with the zobo. Initialy I worked as a nurse but after I was diagnosed with HIV, I stop working and venture into zobo drinks business

“I regret what I did, but I am relieved that I won’t die alone. 

“I’ve been doing it for the past six months, and I pray that God would forgive me.”

However, according to a TOTORIREPORTERS discovery, HIV cannot be transmitted through food or drink.

According to a statement made by the World Health Organization, “HIV cannot be transmitted by food or fluids. In fact, it can’t last even a minute outside a human body.

Netizens reacted to ugly confession, which got some saying:

“This woman should be arrested
This is pure wickedness from the pit of hell
Wat do u mean by u can’t die alone.”

“The virus may not survive in zobo but then this is pure wickedness.”

“Kai heavily father,, why are you still keeping this kind of heartless people….this totally unacceptable.”

“This is the height of wickedness, I pity the victims.”

And another said:

“Nawoo… thank God I don’t like drinking zobo outside except the one I made.”

Watch video of her confession below: