A Nigerian lady known as Mabel has on Instagram  justify the popular story of girls having sexual intercourse with dogs for money.


It was previously reported that several Nigerian girls were seen in a video online having sex with dogs

It was gathered that they are paid the sum of 1.5 Million naira per night.

Mabel said dealing with the pressure in Lagos is not easy as people do a lot of things to make money. She added that she prefers to sleep with a dog than with any man.

“I don’t want to have sex with a dog for money, I will prefer to have sex with a man” hello, most of these men are already animals,  dogs are even better than them. There are some men around  that when you meet them, you will prefer to have sex with a dog than to have sex with them

“You heard or saw that girls are having sex with dogs, you as a man, you are frowning over it, it is not a new thing for human to have intercourse with animals, there’s a name for this thing, it’s called Bestiality, there’s nothing new in this.

“Many people do lots of awkward and bad things for money, acquiring money is never an easy task for so many people, that’s the reason you engage into 419 and yahoo, someone is having sex with a Dog and you’re frowning your face. Don’t act like you are a saint or a holy being

“The girls that do these dirty stuff are the particular kind of ladies you crave for, girls that have their own house, cars at a younger age. Don’t think it is easy, the pressure in Lagos is too much. Let’s not judge, everybody has their own thing they are doing for money.”

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