Andrew Nice Omininikoron, a BRT driver who has been detained, has been caught on camera making a statement that contradicts what he previously said about what occurred to Oluwabamise Toyosi Ayanwole.

According to a statement Andrew gave to the media on March 7, he picked up 22-year-old Bamise at the Chevron Lekki and subsequently picked up three other young males.

He alleged that during the trip, the men showed him a weapon and told him to park on Carter Bridge. Then, dragging Bamise after them, they stooped.

He claimed he couldn’t help much since he was too terrified.

When questioned why he didn’t report the incident right away, he was unable to provide a cogent response.

The initial interview Andrew gave after his arrest is now available on video.

He didn’t mention the three men with firearms in it.

He said that Bamise threw herself out of the moving bus in the video.
He said that Bamise threw herself out of the moving bus in the video.

He added that his “dirty behaviors” were what led to her behavior.

She pushed herself out the back door, according to Andrew.

She was pleading for assistance, and everything was captured.

“Due to the immoral things I’ve done… I’m scared.

Andrew Good Toyosi Ayanwole, 22, boarded the BRT vehicle driven by Omininikoron before she was discovered dead.

Bamise expressed anxiety for her safety while riding home in the state-owned bus operated by Andrew by sending voice mails and videos to her pals.


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