An weird video captures the moment a surgeon fought to remove a live snake from a woman’s ear.

The caption of the video, which went viral on social media after being uploaded by an Indian celebrity, reads, “The snake has gone in the ear,” as it was posted on Facebook.

It is still unclear when or how the unfortunate incident occurred based on the video and stories that followed.

In the nearly four-minute video, a supposed doctor can be seen anxiously attempting to remove a black and yellow snake from a female patient’s ear using tweezers.

The video ends without revealing whether or not the surgery was successful.

However, some viewers thought the clip was fake with one calling it “100% false” while another wondered how the snake managed to fit the rest of its body in the lady’s ear canal.

A skeptic thought it odd that the snake was poking out headfirst — as this would mean that it crawled in her ear and then turned around in such a confined space.

Watch video below :