Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, has sent out a public caution to any girl who would attempt or try to hurt any of her sons.

On monday night, the mother of three boys commented on her Instagram page that men go through a lot of stress in the hands of women.

She added that women are not the only ones that undergo domestic violence, that many women are witches who abuse their spouse

Oboli noted that though her sons’ girlfriends and wives would enjoy her so much, she wouldn’t hesitate to show them the lion in her if they cause pain on her son.

She wrote;

“Men are going through a lot too! Some women are witches! I’m a mom of boys. I’m the sweetest person.

“My sons’ girlfriends and wives will cherish and enjoy me so much, but if you try to incite pain to any of them, my sister in the lord, You will see a LION! E go shock YOU!

Say#NoToDomesticViolence #GenderBasedViolence.