Tinubu has shown resistance in the face of tough times in his life and goes after the people he considers his enemies.

In 2015, Tinubu filed a 150 billion libel suit against AIT, the producers of a documentary called The Lion Of Bourdillon, a documentary which exposed his political and financial grip on Lagos State and other megacities, the libel suit was settled before proceeding with trial and the documentary stopped airing immediately.

In 1993 his assets were frozen as a result of a court case asserting his involvement with two Chicago drug cartels.

Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu is a Nigerian politician who served as the Lagos State Governor from 1999 to 2007 and he is the present candidate for the All Progressive Congress ( APC ) for the 2023 Nigerian presidential election.

Tinubu was born on 29 March 1952 in Lagos, British Nigeria, now known as Lagos Lagos Nigeria.

He spent his early life in southwest Nigeria before moving to the United States where he was said to study accounting, he worked in the States for years and during this time frame, he was investigated by the federal authorities for his fast high income which was so suspicious.

In 1993 Tinubu’s assets were frozen as a result of a court case proclaiming that the United States Government had a reasonable ground to believe Tinumbu’s bank accounts in America held the proceed of heroin dealing.

Reporting on the case, court documents revealed that Tinubu was a bagman for two Chicago heroin drug dealers in the early 1990s.

He later came back to Nigeria to follow his political ambition where he joined the Social Democratic party in 1992 as a Lagos West senatorial candidate before Sani Abacha dissolved the Senate in 1993.

As the (APC) candidate for the 2023 presidential election, Tinubu said at one of his presidential rallies that it is his turn to be the next Nigerian president.

As a man who has fought so many political battles, Tinubu might be devastated if he loses the 2023 presidential election regarding his current health situation.