Nigerian businessman Obi Iyiegbu, better known as Obi Cubana, shares his views on why young people engage in fraud and rituals.

He said the “get-rich-quick syndrome” among youths is the result of social and family pressures.

Cubana said in a post on his verified Instagram page that the lack of value also contributed to the problem. He stressed the need to teach young people to accept and love themselves, not to live beyond their means ” in a bid to belong”

The businessman learn that social and family pressures are expectations that affect society as a whole. He said: “In a world where we want everything quick, young people often face a lot of pressure from both society and their families.

Our young people are constantly being forced to act and feel a certain way, and society loves to dictate how young people should behave. They feel the need to comply with society norms and it can be stressful and while the family is fun, it can also be full of tensions.

He also claims that many young people suffer from depression due to pressure and stress from society and family. This has led many to use of drugs and excessive use of alcohol.

The Anambra born listed pressures on the youths, he referred pressure on young people as “work pressure to achieve certain goals, especially in the banking sector, as well as pressure from society to dress or look a certain way.”

There is pressure in school to pass exams and get certain grades, pressure from local churches to donate for one reason or another, and pressure from friends. Even on social media, some people are now overwhelmed that their posts don’t get a certain number of likes.