A lady revealed how her father had sexually abused her and her sisters for many years.

The lady, Aziza Kabibi, revealed how her father started abusing her and assaulting her when she was just 12 years old, and she wished she had never been born.

Aziza disclosed that although her mother was aware of the abuse, she did nothing to stop it. She claims she was secluded from her extended family and denied permission to attend school in order to keep her father’s wrongdoings a secret. She revealed her father’s claim that the sexual abuse was “ordained by God.”

She attempted to leave the house once, but her sisters and siblings stopped her. She claimed she realized that if she leaves, her father would start abusing her sisters, so she stayed. She stopped complaining when her father made a promise not to touch her sisters.

However, she later discovered that her father was raping her sisters too. At 15, she got pregnant with her father’s child.

She eventually became pregnant for her father five times, and her father delivered each of the children at home; the children are also her siblings.

In all, her father birthed six children in total from his daughters. In a different post, she shared a screenshot of her father’s court trial after he was finally exposed.

The woman’s father is an African-American man named Aswad Ayinde. He is a Grammy award-winning music director, famous for directing the music video for the Fugees’ hit song “Killing Me Softly”.

For raping his five kids, he received a 90-year prison term in 2013. Azizah, his daughter, is currently telling her story on Instagram and TikTok and has also written a book about it.

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