Pherine Maero, a nurse by profession, poisoned her two children, aged 7 and 9, on Saturday night, March 5, and then called her estranged husband to “come and carry your children’s bodies.”

The  32-year-old woman who served her two children with food mixed with poison leading to their death has been arrested by Police in Mwiyala of Kakamega town, Kenya.

Charles Akhonya, a security guard at the apartment where he lives, said the woman approached him at the gate at 3am and urged him to open the door for the husband, but after he followed them to their home, he learned of two children lying lifelessly on their bed.

The woman who tried to stab her in the neck was rescued and receiving treatment at Kakamega Hospital while the police investigated the case.

Neighbors who spoke to the press said the woman had been in disarray since separating from her husband. She once smashed her husband’s car which was parked in the apartment.

Kakamega Central OCPD Valerian Obore confirmed the incident and said the suspect, who is in critical condition in hospital, will be charged with murder once she recovers.